Monetization Disclosure

Our writers love every stage of creating the content you see here and on our social media pages, and we put in a lot of time writing, researching, shooting, conceptualizing, testing, and editing it.

We must monetize some of our content because we work on the internet full-time, and place a high importance on transparency; therefore, we want you to know exactly what kind of job our partners pay us for. Through this blog, we primarily rely on two sources of income:

  1. Ads – Sometimes, you’ll find advertisements on our home page and blog entries. Most of the time, third-party publications serving these adverts are doing so to promote their goods. In any advertisement from a third party, such as Google Ads, Ezoic, or other services, we will always include a “sponsored/ads” notice. However, it is solely your responsibility if you click on any of these advertisements and complete any transactions. Be cautious while conducting transactions and make sure the platform is secure or authentic for the transaction you wish to conduct. We take care to only display genuine advertisements on our platform, but in the unlikely event that you fall victim to fraud, we are not liable. We also never divulge your information to such businesses. Your entire data is
  2. Occasionally, businesses will pay us (in the form of money or free things) to include their products in our material. Thanks very lot to […] for sponsoring this post!), or by using the proper hashtag on social media platforms. This type of relationship will always be clearly identified. (#sponsored, #ad) Please trust us when we say that we never collaborate with businesses that we wouldn’t otherwise endorse.
  3. Some of the links on our website and on our social media accounts are referred to as “affiliate links.” These links contain a tracking code that, depending on the affiliate program’s rules, essentially pays us a specific commission based either on the number of links opened or the dollar amount of sales. Whether you go to the brand’s website directly or through our affiliate link, the pricing remains the same for you.

Thank you for supporting the businesses that enable us to maintain this blog!