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10 Most Luxurious Destinations in Asia

There is a unique thrill in backpacking to a new country, where you stay in dorms, eat street food, and use public transport to explore the place. This is surely the best and the most adventurous way of knowing the essence of the place. But when you have worked hard and long and deserve a break from your daily life, backpacking may seem a little overwhelming and tiring. Here is where the idea of a luxurious holiday may sound good. Each one of us deserves to be pampered and treated in a special way, at least occasionally. This is where visiting a luxurious travel destination seems like a good idea. With this note, we bring to you the 10 most luxurious destinations in Asia. 

1. Dubai

It will not be a surprise to anyone to see Dubai on this list. An Emirate of the United Arab Emirates or UAE, Dubai clearly is the most luxurious city in the Middle Eastern region. Dubaiโ€™s luxury borders around the ornate and opulent. Modern comforts blend with the richness and splendor of the Arabic world to bring forth a luxury like no other. Dubai is home to some of the most unusual and unique constructions, such as Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah, and Dubai Mall. It also has the top luxury resorts in Asia, including Hotel Atlantis the Palm on the palm-shaped island. The city also offers several luxurious experiences like dining at one of the numerous fine dining restaurants in the city or even the dhow cruise dinner Marina. But the epitome of luxury here is the Hotel Burj Al Arab, which is considered the worldโ€™s only seven-star hotel. 

2. Singapore

The Southeast Asian city-state of Singapore is another destination in Asia known for its luxury and opulence. In fact, it is also the most expensive city in Asia to live in. Singapore has more than 300 luxury venues, which include hotels, resorts, amusement parks, and shopping malls. Hotel Marina Bay Sands is one of the most luxurious hotels here. Ritz-Carlton, Shangri-La Hotel, The Fullerton Bay Hotel, InterContinental Singapore, etc., are a few other high-end hotels in the city. Then, there is an impressive range of fine dining restaurants, many of which are owned by Michelin-star chefs. Singapore also has an island that was exclusively designed for entertainment. Sentosa Island is a treasure trove of luxury resorts and amusement parks to hook tourists and locals alike. There is also Orchard Road, which is known for providing a luxurious shopping experience.

3. Hong Kong

Another Asian city that promises unparalleled luxury and comfort is Hong Kong. The vibrant and glamorous skyline of the city reflects the opulence it offers. The city also has hotels and resorts that exude elegance and style like no other. Tourists seeking a luxurious holiday can opt for hotels like Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton, St. Regis, J W Marriott, and the Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Apart from grand accommodation, Hong Kong is also known for its glamorous and luxurious shopping experience. The city is filled with shopping malls and boutiques that have some of the most famous brands from all around the world. From Lane Crawford to Louis Vuitton, Hong Kong caters to all brand-conscious shoppers. Another luxury experience you must enjoy in this city is spas. The award-winning spas of Hong Kong offer an array of relaxing treatments and experiences, both pre-designed and bespoke ones.

4. Maldives

If a luxurious beach holiday is what you are craving, there is no better place for it than Maldives. An archipelago in the Indian Ocean, Maldives is a beach paradise endowed with crystalline blue waters, soft white sand beaches, and shores lined with palm trees. Maldives is a favorite among celebrities for its luxury resorts. Most Maldives resorts take up one entire island, giving visitors privacy and exclusivity like no other. Moreover, the water villas with their infinity pools, direct access to the waters and the beach, and glass flooring inside the bedroom offer a unique experience to each visitor. Most resorts also offer private butler services for a seamless stay for the visitors. Another thing that makes Maldives a prime luxury destination is the water sports activities that it offers. Right from snorkeling to scuba diving, Maldives is a true paradise for lovers of adventure sports.

5. Bangkok

Usually, Thailand, especially Bangkok, is considered one of the best backpacking destinations. But many do not know that Bangkok can provide you with the most lavish holiday you can dream of. The city is filled with high-end hotels and resorts that can fulfill all your needs and comforts in style. The Shangri-La, Waldorf Astoria, Anantara Riverside, Hilton Garden Inn, Conrad, etc., are some of the hotels and resorts where you will be treated like royalty. Fine dining is another luxury experience you can enjoy in Bangkok. Choose from among the numerous rooftop restaurants for not just the most amazing gourmet dining experience but also for the view. Sunset boat rides, private food tours, private cooking classes, and spa treatments are a few other indulgent activities that Bangkok has on offer.

6. Abu Dhabi

Many would be surprised to see another city in the UAE on this list. But Abu Dhabi has earned this position with its super-luxurious attractions. Did you know that more than 22% of the hotels and resorts in Abu Dhabi have a five-star rating? One of the most popular hotels here is the Emirates Palace. With its grandeur intricate works, and gold embellishments, this palace hotel is fit for the kings. Royal Rose, Grand Millenium, InterContinental, W, Anantara Eastern Mangroves, etc., are some of the other magnificent hotels in the city. Abu Dhabiโ€™s opulence emanates in its attractions as well. Then, there is the Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque, an elegant marble edifice, which is also the largest mosque in the world.

You can also see the grandeur and luxury of Abu Dhabi reflected inside the Qasr Al Watan, the presidential palace. Apart from all this, Abu Dhabi also has Yas Island, which has a mix of leisure and entertainment attractions along with some super luxurious resorts.

7. Bali

The Indonesian Island of Bali is a favorite destination for honeymooners. The natural beauty of the place is something that attracts people to this place. But what really adds Bali to this list is that it offers luxury with a difference. Almost all the luxury accommodations found in Bali are present amidst nature. You will find grand hotels and splendid villas surrounded by tropical forests, rice fields, or pristine beaches. Some of the grand hotels in Bali are Amandari, The Asa Maia, Jimbaran Puri, Capella Ubud, COMO Uma Canggu, and The Oberoi Beach Resort. You can also indulge in some luxury experiences here. Enjoying a morning of yoga in the jungle is one of them. There are also extravagant spas where you can relax and enjoy stress-relieving treatments. Visiting beaches and temples are also some of the best things to do in Bali.

8. Tokyo

Unlike the other cities mentioned here, Tokyo does not boast of a skyline with buildings touching the skies. But still, Tokyo is loved by luxury travelers. The main reason for this is that Japanโ€™s Tokyo is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. It is also one of the most expensive cities in Asia. The hotel rooms here not only offer plush settings but also technological comforts that are not available anywhere else. Some of the super elegant hotels in Tokyo include Bulgari Hotel, Four Seasons Hotel, Palace Hotel, Park Hyatt, The Ritz-Carlton, and The Peninsula.

Tokyo, on of the Luxurious Destinations in Asia

Another way of spending a luxurious holiday in Tokyo is hopping onboard Japanโ€™s luxury train, which is also called the โ€œrolling hotelโ€, as it provides you with all the luxuries while transporting you from one place to another. 

9. Taipei

Taipei is where deep-rooted cultural heritage blends with modernism to bring together a luxury that is unique to this city in Taiwan. The grand hotels and resorts here strive hard to provide a service and experience that is parallel to the ones offered in Western countries. The luxurious facilities of these hotels are not limited to the plush rooms but also to amenities like private lounges, rooftop pools, concierge services, and personal butlers. The exclusive experience of the city also extends to its shopping avenues and gourmet restaurants. The premium spas and wellness centers of the city also play their part in influencing luxury tourists to visit Taipei. To make your holiday more magnificent, opt for private tours where you will get exclusive access and insight into the cultural and modern attractions and activities of Taipei.

10. Shanghai

Shanghai, the vibrant city of China, is another luxury destination in Asia. The unique thing about Shanghai is that the modern luxury blends beautifully with the traditional side of the orient. The glass buildings and super-tall skyscrapers that fill the skyline of the city add to the opulence of the place. Then, there is the old part of the city that enhances its charm. To enjoy the grandeur of Shanghai to the maximum, it is a must to choose a hotel that exudes this characteristic of the place. The Peninsula Shanghai, Park Hyatt Shanghai, and Mandarin Oriental Pudong will give you the chance to relax in the most comfortable environment juxtaposed with traditional Chinese elements.

one of the Luxurious Destinations in Asia

You will find luxury in the dining and shopping scenes of Shanghai as well. The city is brimming with high-end restaurants and luxury brands. Along with this, helicopter tours, yacht rides, private Tai Chi lessons, and VIP access to some of the city’s major attractions will give you a peek into the good life of the city.


These top luxury travel places in Asia guarantee a magnificent holiday along with experiences that are unique to each one of them. Do add one of these destinations to your travel bucket list to enjoy the fruits of your hard work with the opulence and splendor you deserve.

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