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Journey To Dawki: Exploring Meghalaya’s Spectacular Canvas

As I wound along mountain roads headed for Dawki, glimpses of the Umngot Riverโ€™s impossible blues flashed through the dense jungle. I knew this remote corner of Meghalaya held natural wonders waiting to enthral me. 

Preparing to immerse in Dawkiโ€™s outdoor adventure and commune with one of the worldโ€™s clearest waters, excitement stirred thinking of the coming days exploring this unexpectedly spectacular corner of India. 

The journey had just begun, but I was ready to grab the magic of Dawki on this quest through Meghalayaโ€™s breathtaking canvas. Stay tuned to know all the exciting things about Dawki.

What Is Special About Dawki?

Dawki is a haven of natural marvels. Its claim to fame lies in the crystal-clear waters of the Umngot River, a spectacle unmatched elsewhere. 

This enchanting destination in Meghalaya, India, showcases breathtaking landscapes and offers surreal experiences like boating on the transparent river and exploring the vibrant underwater world.ย 

The serene ambience, coupled with nearby attractions like Krang Suri Falls and Krem Mawmluh caves, makes Dawki an unparalleled retreat for nature enthusiasts seeking unforgettable adventures.

crystal-clear waters of the dawki river

What Adventures Await: What Can You Do in Dawki? 

Dawki, a paradise tucked away in Meghalaya, offers an array of exciting activities that promise an unforgettable experience. Let me walk you through some of the thrilling adventures awaiting your exploration:

Boating on Umngot River 

The crystal-clear waters of the Umngot River are a playground for serene boat rides. Glide along its shimmering surface, witnessing the riverbed through the translucent water. The experience is surreal, almost like floating on air.

Kayaking Amidst Nature’s Beauty 

For those seeking an adrenaline rush, kayaking in Dawki is a must. Paddle through the pristine waters, surrounded by lush greenery and the stunning landscape. The calmness of the river juxtaposed with the thrill of the activity is a true delight.

Dawki river, India

Camping under the Stars 

Imagine spending a night amidst nature’s serenity. Camping by the Umngot River offers just that. The twinkling stars above and the soothing sound of the river create a truly magical ambience.

Exploring Shnongpdeng Village 

A short distance from Dawki lies Shnongpdeng, where adventure beckons at every turn. Engage in activities like zip-lining, cliff jumping, and river tubing. The thrill-seekers will find themselves in paradise here.

Trekking to the Living Root Bridges 

Embark on a trek through dense forests to witness the marvels of living root bridges. These natural wonders, crafted by indigenous tribes, showcase the harmony between man and nature.

So, pack your bags and get ready to dive into the enchanting world of Dawki!

Best Time to Visit Dawki 

For an exciting experience in Dawki, winter emerges as the prime season. Spanning from November to May, this period boasts pleasant weather, ideal for exploring the stunning natural landscapes. 

Winter: Dawki’s Prime Season

  • November to February: Ideal for an enchanting experience
  • Pleasant weather for exploring stunning natural landscapes
  • Umngot River’s crystal-clear waters mesmerize visitors
  • Picturesque skies enhance the charm of boat rides
  • Comfortable to slightly chilly temperatures for outdoor adventures
  • Dive into local culture and savour traditional cuisine

Moreover, this season aligns with several local festivals and events, offering a glimpse into the vibrant cultural tapestry of the region.

How Do You Reach Dawki?

To reach Dawki, start your journey from Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya, India. A scenic drive of about 80 kilometers via NH6 will lead you to this breathtaking destination. 

Alternatively, hire a taxi or use local buses for a convenient trip. The route unveils lush landscapes, offering a glimpse of the region’s natural beauty before you arrive at the stunning waters of Dawki.

Where to Stay in Dawki?

In Dawki, accommodation options cater to diverse preferences. Riverside campsites offer a rustic yet charming stay, letting you wake up to the river’s tranquillity. 

For a more comfortable experience, guesthouses and resorts provide modern amenities while showcasing the area’s natural beauty. 

Also, homestays immerse you in local culture, offering a personalized touch to your stay. Whatever your choice, rest assured, 

Which Local Delights wait?

indulging in Meghalaya’s culinary treasures is a delight for the senses. Here are some local favorites:

  • Jadoh: A flavorful rice dish cooked with meat and aromatic spices.
  • Doh Neiiong: Pork cooked with sesame seeds and herbs, bursting with flavors.
  • Pumaloi: Steamed rice cakes, a staple of Khasi cuisine.
  • Kyat: A traditional brew made from rice or millet, offering a unique taste.

These dishes showcase the rich flavors and unique culinary traditions of Meghalaya, inviting visitors to savor the essence of the region’s gastronomic delights.

Practical Tips & Travel Advice

Insider Tips for a Smooth Journey

  • Pack Light: Essentials like sunscreen and comfortable footwear are a must.
  • Weather Awareness: Check forecasts as the weather can vary; a raincoat might come in handy.
  • Cash Convenience: ATMs may be scarce; carry sufficient cash for transactions.
  • Local Etiquette: Respect local customs and traditions; a smile goes a long way.
  • Communication: English is widely spoken, but a few local phrases can enhance interactions.
  • Transport Insights: Shared taxis or local transport can be more economical.
  • Health Precautions: Bottled water and basic medications are advisable.

Being prepared ensures a stress-free and enjoyable exploration of this beautiful destination.


Why is Dawki River so clean?

The river’s clarity is due to its pristine source and minimal human intervention, preserving its transparency.

Is Dawki hot or cold?

Dawki experiences a moderate climate, neither excessively hot nor cold, with comfortable temperatures.

Which is the cleanest river in Asia?

The Umngot River in Dawki is renowned as one of Asia’s cleanest rivers.

Can we bathe in Dawki River?

Yes, visitors often enjoy bathing and swimming in the crystal-clear waters of the River.

Is Dawki safe for tourists?

Dawki is generally safe for tourists, boasting a peaceful atmosphere and welcoming locals.

How deep is Dawki?

The depth of the Umngot River in Dawki ranges from a few feet to approximately 15-20 feet.

What is the original name of Dawki River?

The original name of Dawki River is ‘Umngot River.’

When not to visit Meghalaya?

Avoid the monsoon season (June to October) due to heavy rainfall, which may hinder outdoor activities.

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