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Beaches of Bangkok: Top beaches you should not miss

Being a beach lover, I couldn’t hold back from exploring the top Bangkok beaches. You will adore this vibrant city for its beautiful beaches, crazy nightlife, food, and effervescent temples.

If you are seeking relaxation or simply a change of scenery, enjoying quality time with loved ones, and want to let your worries drift away with the tide then you should visit these Bangkok beaches. 

Here are some top visit beaches in Bangkok:

Bangkok has many beaches to enjoy time with friends and family. Among the all Bangkok beaches here we suggest the top most beautiful beaches for you. Letโ€™s explore the best Bangkok beaches

Pattaya Beach:

Pattaya beach is located 150 km southeast of Bangkok which is 3 km long. This beach is a good spacious place, and The beach is now a great expanse of golden sand. The north end of Pattaya Beach is tranquil.

You can do several things, such as parasailing and other similar water sports. This beach is the center of marine activities for those who come to rest such as sunbathing and water sports. Also, Pattaya Beach has an aquarium. In this aquarium, you can enjoy the feeling of an underwater ride without going underwater. The beach is full of hotels, restaurants, and souvenir shops.

At night, near the beach you will see several bustling night markets where you can eat, shop, and soak up the lively atmosphere.

Pattaya Beach

Summer would be the best time to visit this beach and you will never be bored in this destination.

Bangsean Beach:

Bangsean Beach is located approximately 100 km southeast of Bangkok. The beach length is 3.7 km. It is regarded as a very popular beach because it is closest to Bangkok and Pattaya. It is a world-class attraction as well.

I was really curious to see this beach. The water at this beach is not so clear but from October to February of every year, the sea at Bang Saen Beach is as clear as the Maldives. The nightlife of Bangsean Beach is really awesome and peaceful compared to Pattaya Beach. You can go to nearby bars or nightclubs to relax and enjoy your drinks with loved ones.

From Bangsean night markets, you can shop for souvenirs, clothing, handicrafts, and other goods. These markets often feature street food stalls serving delicious snacks and dishes, making them great places to explore the local culture and cuisine.

Bangsean Beach

On public holidays, the beach comes to life, bustling with tourists from nearby towns and cities.

This beach is the cheapest beach to travel around Bangkok.

Cha-Am Beach: 

Cha-Am Beach is approximately 173 Kilometers from Bangkok City and this beach is considered to be one of the safest beaches. You will find this beach always clean. This beach is safe for families with young children. What makes it more wonderful is the fact that 24/7 emergency care is available here.

You can enjoy Horse riding, Water skiing, Boat ride, Parasailing, Banana boat ride, and Windsurfing. Thai Massage is also available in small tents. Also, you can relish local street food which is as inexpensive as any Beach town in Thailand.

Cha-Am Beach

At Cha-am Beach, local fresh fruits will attract you. You’ll find vendors selling local seafood, and fresh fruits along with other local drinks. You can explore the markets with their traditional foods. 

This beach is most preferable during the weekdays.

Hua Hin Beach:

This beach is approximately 144 Kilometers from Bangkok City. The expansion of this beach is up to 4 km and a beautiful sandy, clean beach. This beach is very eye-soothing, calm, captivating, and fun-filled.

The long range of palm trees makes this beach more fun to explore. You can take pleasure from the fairy sunset of this beach and have various local cuisines. Hua Hin is known for its blue crab and tiger prawn, you can also have that with other local seafood.

The beach activities are more interesting and exciting. There are many water sports you can enjoy like Parasailing, Water skiing, Banana boat rides, Boating, Sailboats, etc. Also, you can go horse riding on the beach.

Hua Hin Beach

After riding when you are tired you can take a special Thai massage from local vendors.

Hua Hin Beach is an attractive choice for an unforgettable trip. 

Jomtien Beach:

Jomtien Beach is approximately 150 Kilometers from Bangkok City and this beach is around 6 km long. This beach is super clean, really peaceful, and less crowded.

You can enjoy delicious fruits and enjoy their traditional Thai massage services to help visitors relax and rest after days of exploring the city. You can take pleasure in the most exciting water sports at the most competitive prices. Available water sports here are Parasailing, Jet-skiing, Scuba diving, Speed boat, Paragliding, Windsurfing, etc. The local shops offer local food which is a must-try. Donโ€™t miss the cool coconut water from the local vendors.

In the evening Jomatin Beach becomes more lively. You can enjoy seafood dishes in a unique way of processing from the local people. You can go to a few nightclubs or bars and take part in some night activities here such as singing, dancing, or drinking beer. Along with that Jomtien Beach is full of luxurious resorts and hotels with professional and high-quality services.

Jomtien Beach

Amazing place with serene beauty around.

Tawaen Beach: 

Tawaen Beach is approximately 97 km, located in Koh Larn from Bangkok City, and roughly 800 meters long. This beach is spacious and has amazing soft sands but the beach is super crowded and noisy. 

The water of the beach is clean and warm. You can enjoy several water activities like snorkeling, Banana boat riding, Jet Ski, Boat riding, swimming, speed boats, parasailing, undersea walk, etc.

There is outdoor live music where you can sit back and relax. On this beach, you can find a variety of international restaurants with their cuisine like Russian and Chinese. Besides, you can enjoy various drinks from the beach bars. You can enjoy the drink while overlooking the crystal clear water.

Beside the beach local vendors sell swimwear, sunglasses, hats, and tee-shirts, many beautiful handcrafted items which are made right on the island. On the walkway of Tawaen Beach, you will see a wooden bridge on the right. It goes to a small beach that is worth looking at. There is a nice photo-op spot along this bridge.

Tawaen Beach

Tawaen Beach would be a superb choice for your holiday.

Tien Beach:

Tien Beach is approximately 100 km from Bangkok City and 400 meters long. Beautiful mountains surround this white sand beach. Tien Beach is spotless and peaceful. The crystal clear water with white sand will make you jump into it.

This beach looks drop-dead beautiful in the evening. You can enjoy the stunning evening with your loved ones. But this beach doesnโ€™t have many water sports which makes this place less crowded all the time. The beach is clean, and it’s great to swim, sunbathe and you can take beautiful photos. Tien Beach is also perfect for snorkeling.

The beach is full of white sand. You can enjoy body massage from local massage ladies. Must bring your sunglasses and sunblock.

Tien Beach

If you want to spend quality time with your family, then these Bangkok beaches are worth your vacation.

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