A nice natural Places of Sajek Valley of bangladesh.

Sajek Valley: The Cloud touching Paradise

Sajek Valley is one of the most popular tourist spots in Bangladesh. The valley is located in Baghaichari Upazila, Rangamati. This valley is about 1800 feet above sea level. The name โ€œSajek Valleyโ€ came from the Sajek river which flows from the Karnafuli river.

The natural beauty of Sajek valley

There are lots of places where you can enjoy the mountains, besides, there are some places to feel the waterfall. But Sajek is the place where you can enjoy all kinds of natural beauty. Though there is no sea or beach, the wave of clouds will give you joy like the sea. Mountains and dense forests surround Sajek valley. The best part of Sajek is the sunrise. You can witness a scenic view of the sun over the heavy clouds, which will surely be a memorable day for you.

Sajek Valley, Rangamati, Bangladesh- Ebadur Rehman Kaium
Photo by Ebadur Rehman Kaium on Unsplash

When to visit Sajek Valley

Sajek is always open for visitors but if you want to get the best experience from there, then winter is the best time to visit this valley. November to February is usually winter in Bangladesh and visiting Sajek Valley is a perfect time for travelers.

Location: Baghaichari upazila, Rangamati

Entry fee: Free

Time: Open 24/7

How to go there

Sajek is located in the Rangamati district, but it is much easier to travel with the Dighinala of Khagrachari. It is the most popular road to go to Sajek Valley.

Dhaka to Khagrachari

There are some great travel options in this route, But, Shanti Paribahan is the most reliable operator in this route You will get Shanti Paribahan counters in all major Bus Stops in Dhaka, but you might have to pre book tickets as trips are limited in this route.

If it feels convenient, you can also go there by a domestic flight. The flight is from Dhaka to Chittagong airport. You have to go to Oxygen Bus Stop from there to get on a bus, or you can simply hire a car to Khagrachari. Shanti Paribahan also offers AC Service on this route.

Distance: 273 kilometers

Ticket: AC bus- 700 to 1000 BDT; Non-AC bus: 550 to 700 BDT.

NB: If it is possible, avoid holidays, or reserve your accommodations and tickets at least a week in advance.

Chittagong to Khagrachari

Go to Oxygen Bus Stop from wherever you are staying, because All Khagrachari bound buses leave from this stop. You will get busses to Khagrachari all day, but, if your final destination is Sajek, I suggest you catch the earliest bus possible. Because the road to Sajek from Khagrachari is risky and the tourists are allowed to go there when escorted by a military convoy. There are only 2 covoys per day. So, If you Miss the 9:00 am schedule, you will have to wait till 03:30 pm for the next convoy.

Khagrachari to Sajek

It is almost seventy kilometers between Sajek and Khagrachari. The most popular vehicle on this route is a Jeep car, which is called โ€œChander gariโ€ by local people. It will cost you around 8000 to 10,000 BDT with a return fare. It is a good deal for 12 to 15 people because there are almost fifteen seats in Chander gari. You can make a team if you want from Shapla Chottor, Khagrachari. There are lots of travelers who are looking to make a team.

blue jeep wrangler on dirt road surrounded by green trees during daytime
Photo by Simon Reza on Unsplash

There are some other offers given by the owners of Chander gari:

  • One night at Sajek + Some popular spots in Khagrachari (Alutila, Richang waterfall, hanging bridge): 9,000 to 10,000 BDT
  • Two nights at Sajek + Some popular spots in Khagrachari (Alutila, Richang waterfall, hanging bridge): 11,500 to 13,000 BDT
  • Two nights at Sajek Valley: 9,500 to 11,500 BDT

NB: 1 USD= 105 BDT

Top attractions of Sajek Valley

Road view of Sajek:

One of the top attractions of the Sajek tour is the road from Khagrachari to Sajek. This 70-kilometer road is full of joy and thrill. You can observe the picturesque grandeur of the mountains and the rivers (Kachalong and Machalong), which are visible from the route.

Konglak Hill:

It is one of the top attractions of Sajek Valley. Konglak Hill, locally known as Konglak Pahar, is about 1900 feet above sea level. The Lushai community lives in Konglak, the last village in Sajek Valley. You can see the Lushai Hills of India, the source of the Karnafuli River, from the Konglak Hills. The Kamalak fountain is available if you will spend two hours trekking through Ruilui Para. Many others also refer to this lovely fountain as the Padaam Toisha waterfall or Sikam Toisha waterfall. Visit during the rainy season to appreciate these waterfalls.

เฆ‡เฆฏเฆผเฆพเฆ›เฆฟเฆจ เฆ†เฆฐเฆซเฆพเฆค เฆฎเฆพเฆ•เงเฆ•เง€, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons


When you are visiting Sajek you should never miss the sunset view. The best place to witness the sunset view is Helipad. All the tourists gather at this place before sunset and enjoy the view of the sunset. Besides, you can take some local foods too, especially bamboo tea, which is famous in Sajek valley.

Night view of Sajek valley:

Sajek is a tiny tourist destination, but it is bursting with beauty and delight. So, I recommend you enjoy every moment of the tour. The greatest time to experience the place is at night when billions of stars can be seen in the wide and beautiful sky. Moreover, all forms of sadness and unhappiness can be lifted by taking your favorite person on a stroll at night along Sajek Road.

Ramjan Sawom, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Local foods of Sajek Valley

Bamboo Chicken:

It is one of the traditional foods of Sajek Valley. They put raw chicken inside a bamboo vessel and close the top with alumunium foil. Following that, they are positioned over a wood fire and slowly cooked for 45โ€“50 minutes or until finished.

  • Price: 200-280 BDT
Tehjib, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Bamboo tea:

Bamboo tea is one of the must-try items of the Sajek tour. You can find it on Konglak hill or the helipad. Bamboo tea is a type of tea that is cooked for 10 to 15 minutes in bamboo. Enjoying the sunset with bamboo tea on the helipad will give you goosebumps.

  • Price: 15-20 BDT

Here all kinds of foods are available like- fish curry, beef curry, prawn, chicken masala and many others. There, nighttime barbecues of fish or chicken are customary, so you can do it if you like.

Things You should Keep in Mind in Sajek Valley:

This is a Military Protected Zone. So, if you do visit, don’t do anything stupid. Don’t try to bring booze or marijuana, are you might have to face the consequences. Please, don’t misbehave with the locals and stay away form the edges to save yourself from any unpleasant experiences. Don’t waste water and try to keep the neighbourhood clean.

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