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Foys Lake: Biggest artificial urban lake in BD

Foys Lake is a beautiful artificial lake which is in the heart of Chittagong, Bangladesh. This serene body of water is a popular destination for both locals and tourists because it is encircled by lush vegetation and majestic hills. Foys Lake offers a variety of getaway options, whether youโ€™re looking for a peaceful escape or an initiative vacation.

The picturesque lake was created in 1924 to provide water to the residents of the local railway colony. The total area of the lake is almost 1.5 square kilometers in Khulshi, Chattagram.

Why Foys Lake is famous?

Foys lake, the biggest artificial urban lake in Bangladesh, is famous for its stunning beauty and serene atmosphere. The lake region is the ideal location to get away from the bustle of the city and enjoy the peace of nature. Because of its lush surroundings and breathtaking sights, the lake is well-liked by tourists.

The lake is also a popular destination for picnicking, birdwatching and relaxing. Additionally, it is a great place for boating, fishing, water sports, and many more. Foys lake is also home to one of the largest water parks in Bangladesh, Sea World.

Foys lake's lake view.
ยฉ Moheen Reeyadย /ย Wikimedia Commonsย /ย “Foy’s Lake, Chattogram (01)”

How to get there

Getting to Foyโ€™s Lake is very easy and convenient as it is in the center of the commercial capital of Bangladesh (Chittagong). The best way to reach Foys lake from Dhaka is taking a domestic flight to Chittagong international Airport.

From any part of Chittagong, the best way to get to Foyโ€™s Lake is hiring a taxi or car. But if you want to save money, then you can get there by bus.

Note: Purchase your ticket before going there.

Sea World Chittagong

Sea world is an amusement park and water park in Foys lake, Chittagong. The park is one of the largest and popular parks in Bangladesh. Sea world offers a variety of exciting rides, games, and attractions. Some of the popular activities in Sea World are:

Thrill rides: For adventure lovers, there are several thrilling rides available in the Sea world, including Roller Coaster, Drop towers and other high-speed attractions.

Live Shows: In Sea World, they offer some live performance for the visitors which includes- magic show, animal show, and acrobatics.

Water Rides: There are plenty of water rides available in Sea World, Chittagong. If you are with family, then a family slide is the best option for you. Tunnel slide and multi slide are also available here.

Donโ€™t forget to purchase a ticket before going for rides. Buy a ticket from here.

Sea world, foys lake, chittagong
Al Riaz Uddin Ripon, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Foyโ€™s lake park

Foys Lake Park is a beautiful, well-kept park that surrounds the lake and enhances its beauty. The park is the ideal location for meditating and admiring the magnificent views of the lake and neighboring hills. There are many walking paths, picnic spaces, and couches where guests may relax and take in the landscape.

The park is a great place for children as there is a playground for them. Additionally, A basketball area and a fitness area is also available for adults. For those who participated in numerous lake activities, a changing room and shower are available for them to refresh up.

A beautiful view of the park and blue water. here, rides are also seen.
ยฉ Moheen Reeyadย /ย Wikimedia Commonsย /ย “Foy’s Lake, Chattogram (05)”

Things to do in Foys Lake

Families, students, and visitors from around the world can all enjoy a range of activities at Foy’s Lake. Here are some interesting things to do in Foyโ€™s Lake, Chittagong:


Boating is one of the most popular activities in Foys Lake. Here, boat rides are popular among visitors of all ages who may take in the picturesque splendor of the lake and its surrounds. Take a leisurely tour of the lake using a paddle boat, a speedboat, or a kayak.


Foyโ€™s Lake, the biggest artificial urban lake of Bangladesh is popular for its various species of Catfish, Carp, and many other fishes. If you want to do fishing here, donโ€™t forget to bring your fishing gears. No worry if you donโ€™t want to bring them, you can rent fishing gears at the lake.

Picnic in Foys Lake:

Foys Lake and the lake park is a great place for picnic with friends or family. Many schools hold picnics here each year because it’s a location where children may participate in a variety of activities.

Usually, people who came here for a picnic brought their own food, either the school administration or family members. However, you can purchase some food in the lake park area if you so choose.

Water Sports:

Are you looking for took part in water sports in foys lake? Then wakeboarding, water skiing, and kayaking is for you. You can go for any of the water sports in the lake if you want. It’s an excellent spot to develop your abilities because the lake’s water is calm.

  • Special Note: Attempt to maintain lake water cleanliness. Never dump dust into the lake.
Foys lake resort a landscape view

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